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CMSTKU 3rd Anniversary Commemoration Talk

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Poster:Steve LeePost date:2018-05-10
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CMSTKU 3rd Anniversary Commemoration Talk

In commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of our establishment, CMSTKU is proud to announce that Mr. Yoshinori Shimizu has been invited to give a talk. CMSTKU hopes to attract more Murakami fans to join us in the coming years!
Time: 11th June 2018 (10:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
Venue: Ching-Sheng Building T506
Guest Speaker: Mr. Yoshinori Shimizu
Title: ハルキワールドの秘密の通路(A Secret Passage to Murakami’s World)
Language: Japanese
Speaker’s Biography:
1.      Professor at Shukudoku University, Japan
2.      Professional Researcher on Haruki Murakami Studies
3.      Renowned Literary Critic
Please use the link below to enroll. 
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