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Talks on "An Introduction of Haruki Murakami Literature"

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Poster:Steve LeePost date:2019-02-27
 The Head of Center Prof. Chiu-Kuey Tseng will be giving a series of talks on every Thursday for the month of March on "An Introduction on Haruki Murakami"

Mr. Haruki Murakami as a globally known writer, his works of literature has been translated into various different languages across the globe, and is a very influential contemporary Japanese writer. Prof. Tseng will be introducing Haruki Murakami literature during this series of 4 talks.

Details on the event are as follows:
Theme   An Introduction of Haruki Murakami Literature
Time   Every Thursday from 1900 - 2100
7th March
14th March
21st March
28th March
Speaker   Prof. Chiu Kuey Tseng, Head of Center, CMSTKU
Registration   Registration can be done at the link attached
Note   Registration form can be found at the bottom of the event's main page
Fill in the form directly on the said page

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