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The 9th Haruki Murakami International Symposium Call for Papers

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Poster:Steve LeePost date:2019-08-15
The 9th Haruki Murakami International Symposium
Call for Papers
1.     Aim
To promote the global academic exchange and insightful research results regarding research in Murakami Haruki’s literature, and therefore describe “Murakami Haruki Studies” from the perspectives of linguistics, literature, pedagogy, cultural anthropology, sociology, translation studies and et cetera. CMSTKU, being the first Centre for Murakami Haruki Studies in Taiwan will continue the organization of “Haruki Murakami International Symposium”.
2.     Theme
Fate in Haruki Murakami’s Literature (Japanese: 村上春樹文学における「運命」)
3.     Content for Presentation
Non-published Papers (Academic Thesis or Education/Research Reports) in the subject of above theme from respective field of expertise.
Each person is to present only one paper and should refrain from publishing published or duplicated papers.
4.     Organiser
Centre for Murakami Haruki Studies, Tamkang University
5.     Venue
Tamkang University, Tamsui Campus
No. 151, Ying-Zhuan Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
6.     Date
6th June 2020 (Sat) – 7th June 2020 (Sun)
7.     Presentation Language
Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese (Japanese will be used as lingua franca for the event)
8.     Duration of Presentation
    Oral Presentation – 20 Minutes, Discussion – 10 Minutes
    Poster Presentation – Will be displayed at the venue on designated time. Presenter is required to be present while the poster is being displayed.
Both presentations will be sorted in sequence for page numbers and will be documented in the proceedings for the event. Both types of presentations will be treated equally. The organiser will review all the papers for the second time and select the papers that are to be included into “Murakami Haruki Studies Series”.
9.     Registration
Proceed to the below link to register for presentation at CMSTKU Portal:
Submit the filled-out form by 8th September 2019 (Sunday) to CMSTKU at:
m1ay1ohfnck@icloud.com (Assistant Takahiro Suzuki)
10. Review Methodology
The number of papers and presenter will be decided after reviews by the committee.
11. Notification for Accepted Presentation
Review results will be notified by 14th October 2019 (Monday)
12. Deadline for Papers Submissions
Please submit papers by 19th April 2020 (Sunday), overdue papers will not be entertained. 
13. All papers submitted will not be returned regardless of the acceptance by the committee.
14. Enquiries
Director, CMSTKU
Chiu-Kuei TSENG
+886-2-2621-5656 ext. 2958
Assistant, CMSTKU
Takahiro Suzuki
+886-2-2621-5656 ext. 3590
All enquiries can be made in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and English. 
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