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For the Love of Murakami - Murakami's Classics Multi-Language Oral Reading Competition 2020

Activity Information
Poster:Steve LeePost date:2020-02-20
For the Love of Murakami - Murakami's Classics Mul
  1.      Aim
Haruki Murakami is one of the most influential writers in contemporary Japan and has been a nominee for The Nobel Prize in Literature. Hailed by both domestic and international media as “The Japanese man nearest to The Nobel Prize in Literature” after Yasunari Kawataba and Kenzaburo Oe, Murakami’s work has been translated into more than 40 different languages and have readers and fans all over the world.
Let us show our love for Murakami – by reading his classic work of literature and experience the charisma in his work across languages and national boundaries. All are welcomed and interesting prizes are up for grabs!
2.      Details
        i.      Date: 21st April 2020 (Tuesday) 1310 - 1500
       ii.      Venue: Ching-Sheng Building T604
      iii.      Application Deadline: From now on till 10th April 2019 (Friday)
      iv.      No restrictions on nationality and age
       v.      Language of Reading: No limited to any languages
      vi.      Method of Entry:
l  Group A (Recording) – Participants of this group is required to upload their reading in a video format and upload it to CMSTKU’s website at https://forms.gle/N52sSCrT2E42Sbpw9
l   Group B (Live Competition) – Participants of this group will be competing at the event venue, participants will draw a number to decide the order.
   vii.                Method of Competition
Participants are free to choose any of Murakami’s work and are required to submit the script during the application process.
Reading time will be strictly limited to two (2) minutes with a heavy penalty for overtime.
In the case where the number of participants is more than expected, the competition will be carried out with preliminary round followed by semi-finals.
3.      Further Details
        i.     Taxation laws applies to any monetary awards where applicable.
       ii.      Inclusion to E-portfolio is applicable for all participants who are member of staff or students (whether participants or audience).
      iii.      In any cases of doubts, all descriptions and rules are to be based on the latest updates on CMSTKU’s website.
      iv.      For more information, please contact: -
Phone: 26215656 ext. 2958 or 3590
Email: chouyew.lee@gmail.com (Asst. Lee / Mandarin, English)
       098194@mail.tku.edu.tw (Mr. Ochiai / Japanese)
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