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(Updated) The 6th Murakami Micro Movie Competition 2020

Poster:Steve LeePost date:2020-03-03
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  1.     Introduction
After receiving great participation and feedbacks from the previous “Murakami Micro Movie Competition”, this year, CMSTKU will start accepting short movies for participation in the 6th Murakami Micro Movie Competition 2020.
The theme for this year is “Reading Murakami Haruki, Now”. Show us your ingenuity and outstanding movie producing skills for this year’s theme in making a 3-minute long micro movie, and let us share your work among everyone who loves Murakami Haruki!
Interesting prizes are up for grabs, hurry and register now!
2.     Details
                           i.          Theme: “Reading Murakami Haruki, Now
                          ii.          Genre: Not limited
                        iii.          Requirements and Judging:
·       Movie length must be within 3-minutes (including opening and credits).
·       Shooting tools are not limited.
·       Digital files must be submitted if the film enters semi-finals (Film must be over 720*480, with MPG or Quicktime (MOV) file format).
·        All submitted work will not be returned, including but not limited to works that are deemed not meeting the competition requirements.
·       All works will be judged by a panel of professional judges from outside of TKU.
3.     Prizes
Prizes are awarded in order of: Winner, First Runner-Up, Second Runner-Up, Excellence Award with cash prizes.
4.     Registration Requirements
                           i.          Registration can be made solo or group.
                          ii.          Registration is open regardless of identity (student or not) and nationality.
                        iii.          Subtitles should be made either in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, English or Taiwanese.
5.     Deadline
From now on to 10th April 2020 (Friday)
6.     Competition Premier and Award Ceremony
                           i.          Time: 23rd April 2020 (Thursday) 1310 – 1500
                         ii.          E312
7.     Registration and Submission of Work
Submit your work before the deadline at: https://forms.gle/g9wWBpnFvYVp6HUX8
Link to event registration (not for competition participation registration use): https://goo.gl/forms/oyPM4CezQgSMmnzA3
8.     Reception of Award
                           i.          All monetary awards are subjected to the taxation laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The actual amount of money awarded will be the remainder after subjecting to any relevant tax deductions.
                          ii.          Procedure for Award Reception:
·       Bring along identity documentation during the award ceremony to receive the prizes.
·       Winner who are not present on the day of award ceremony will have the monetary prizes deposited into the recipient’s bank account, where the recipient will bare all the relevant charges.
9.     Enquiries
For any enquiries, please reach to the below contact:
Mr. Chou Yew Lee
Assistant, CMSTKU
TEL: 02-26215656 ext. 3590
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