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【Results Announcement】The 6th Micro-Movie Competition

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Poster:Steve LeePost date:2020-05-05
 The 6th Haruki Murakami Micro-Movie Competition
《The Feel of Haruki Murakami》
Results Announcement

Submission for the 6th Haruki Murakami Micro-Movie Competition has been reviewed and the results are as follows:

CMSTKU would like to congratulate the winning submission, and we look forwards towards more participation by fellow lovers of Haruki Murakami's literature. The link to the winning work has been hyperlinked above, feel free to view.

Participants who would like to have the comments by the reviewing committee regarding their works, please refer to the contact below.

Administrative Assistant,
Center for Murakami Haruki Studies,
Chou Yew Lee
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