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The Murakami Haruki Studies Series (6th Edition) - Call for Papers

Poster:Steve LeePost date:2018-05-31

The Murakami Haruki Studies Series (6th Edition)

Call for Papers

1.     Aim

Call for papers are aimed at researched papers relating to the theme “Sympathy in Haruki Murakami’s Literature”. The Editorial Committee seeks to build the foundation of “Haruki Murakami Studies” with research papers of constructive and innovative nature from various fields of expertise.


2.     Submission Qualifications

Submissions are open only to speakers, presenters, and guests of roundtable forum during The 7th Haruki Murakami International Symposium 2018.


3.     Theme

Title or content of said paper should be related to “Sympathy in Haruki Murakami’s Literature”. Main heading or sub-heading of papers should be related to “Murakami Haruki” as well as having the word “Sympathy (共鳴)” in any part of the paper.


4.     Language

Submissions are only limited to Japanese and English. Japanese is preferred for the standardisation of overall appearance of the publication.


5.     Deadline

All submissions must arrive before 31st October 2018.


6.     Review System and Fees

In order to maximize reliability of the publication, strict review system will be implemented. All fees for reviewing are to be bear by contributors. Fees are set at NT$ 2000 (New Taiwan Dollar) or ¥ 8000 (Japanese Yen). Two reviewers will be invited by the editorial committee. In case of the need of a third reviewer, the committee will bear the extra cost of NT$ 1000 (New Taiwan Dollar). Only papers recommended by the reviewing panel will be published.


7.     Note: Due to the themed nature of the series, submissions without any apparent relation with “Sympathy in Haruki Murakami’s Literature” or clear-cut definition of the word Sympathy will be rejected during preliminary review on the ground of inconsistency with the theme of the series.

8.     Submission of Papers

                 i.         All papers are to be uploaded to CMSTKU’s website at: http://www.harukistudy.tku.edu.tw/main.php

                ii.         Papers received by post or e-mail will not be accepted.

               iii.         Reviewing fees are to be to be sent in cash by registered mail for domestic contributors.

               iv.          For contributors seeking to remit reviewing fees from Japan, please contact Professor Yuji Ochiai (see below for contact).


9.     Remuneration Policy

No remuneration will be paid for papers recommended by the reviewing committee. Instead, three (3) copies of the published series will be presented.


10.  Formatting

To ensure highest quality of academic writing, contributors are advised to refer to writing format as shown on the attached documents. Formatting will be taken into consideration during the preliminary review.


11.  Copyright Consent

Contributors with papers recommended for publish are required to submit a copyright consent within a designated timeframe.


12.  Publishing Date

The Murakami Haruki Studies Series (6th Edition) is expected to be published by May 2019.



13.  Reviewing Fees Addressee; Inquiries

                 i.          Reviewing Fees Address

Center for Murakami Haruki Studies, Department of Japanese

No. 151, Ying-Zhuan Road,

Tamsui District, New Taipei City

251, Taiwan (R.O.C)


               ii.          E-mail Inquiries

Professor Yuji Ochiai (Japanese)


Associate Professor Chia-Lin Wang (Mandarin Chinese)



             iii.          Phone Inquiries

Associate Professor Chia-Lin Wang

+886-2-2621-5656 ext. 2492

Assistant Man-Chen Dou

+886-2-2621-5656 ext. 3590



This modus operandi for the publication of The Murakami Haruki Studies Series (6th Edition) is reviewed and approved by the Editorial Committee.


Approved: May 21, 2018


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